Book Review: INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN by Janice Maynard



Series: The Men of Wolff Mountain, #1
Publisher: Harlequin (Desire, #2135)
Released: January 3, 2012
Source: Purchased from store

Alone in his fortress, Gareth Wolff hides from the world. Until Gracie Darlington scales his mountain and lands at his doorstep—with cuts, bruises…and amnesia. But the reclusive billionaire knows her type. She wants something from him. Something he’s spent a lifetime trying to forget…

Gareth won’t let the sexy interloper leave. Not until he learns her angle and sates his desire in her arms. Gareth always gets what he wants…but this time, once Gracie regains her memory, it may be too late. Because not only has she invaded his lair…she’s invaded his heart.


A brooding reclusive billionaire and a damsel in distress…with amnesia? I couldn’t resist. This was the kind of story where the whole “thing” could’ve been avoided if he’d just called 911 to begin with (she was a trespasser with a head injury!), but then what fun would that be?

A character with amnesia for 90% of the book, like Gracie, is tough, because I have to wonder if we’re really seeing the “real” her. It seemed to work for this book. It was clear that Gareth was in a lot of pain, and Gracie had what it took to rescue him from his fortress of solitude. I know I’ve said it before – I *lurve* those emotionally vulnerable, tortured alpha males, and Gareth is a prime example. Did I mention that he’s an artist too? *swoon*

Though some of the story was far-fetched, INTO HIS PRIVATE DOMAIN was an enjoyable and very sexy read, and a solid start to The Men of Wolff Mountain series.

Rating: 4 Stars