Book Review: CORPSE IN THE CRYSTAL BALL by Kari Lee Townsend



Series: A Fortune Teller Mystery, #2
Publisher: Berkley
Released: June 5, 2012
Source: Review copy from the publisher

Psychic Sunshine Meadows makes a dark discovery in the woods… After clearing her name as the prime suspect in a murder, Sunny Meadows hopes she can finally enjoy some serenity in the idyllic town of Divinity in upstate New York. She’d also like a second chance with Detective Mitch Stone. But when Mitch’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend Isabel Gonzales shows up, Sunny’s not sure she can compete. Then Isabel mysteriously disappears. When the police turn to Sunny for help, her visions lead to the discovery of Isabel’s corpse in the woods. Before she died, Isabel scrawled a message in the dirt implicating Mitch in her murder. Now Sunny must help the man she’s falling in love with as she sets out to find the real killer. But this time Sunny’s clairvoyant abilities might not save her–as what she doesn’t see “can “hurt her…


Psychic Sunny Meadows is settling into her new home in Divinity, New York. Her grandmother has come to stay for a while, and Sunny suspects her parents sent Granny Gert to keep an eye on her. Even though things are rocky between Sunny and her love interest Detective Mitch Stone, life is good – until Mitch’s ex-girlfriend Isabel is murdered not long after arriving in town.

Isabel leaves a message just before her death that points a finger at Mitch for the killing. Even though Mitch is grumpy and brooding (and handsome!), Sunny knows he can’t possibly be a murderer. Luckily for Mitch, Sunny and her psychic/sluthing abilities have become valuable to the police department, and once again she’s put on the case.

CORPSE IN THE CRYSTAL BALL is a fun cozy mystery with a touch of romance and the paranormal. I enjoyed the mystery in this one and how hard Sunny worked to clear Mitch’s name. Readers get to learn more about Mitch’s past and why he’s such a “Mr. Grumpy Pants.” I did have an inkling as to who the culprit was, however the “why” behind the crime had me baffled. The ending was very exciting – loved it!

I’m still waiting to find out more about Morty the mystery cat, one of my favorite characters in the series. There’s something special about him, and I’m itching to know his story!

This book was an enchanting follow up to TEMPEST IN THE TEA LEAVES. A Fortune Teller Mystery series has quickly become one of my new favorites. Looking forward to the next!

Rating: 4 Star

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.