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Cozy Mysteries are everywhere, just look around. Oh, they may not be labeled cozies but they are. A cozy mystery is the mystery without the blood, guts and gore. It’s Sherlock Holmes, Murder She Wrote, White Collar. It’s Castle and not Criminal Minds or those CSI shows.

Why are so many viewers and readers into the cozy thing? I think it’s a rebellion to all the violence around us that just weighs us down. When we turn on TV or read a book we want to escape. A lot of shows out there just scare the crap out of us and we are already scared. Just pick up a news paper.

That doesn’t mean we want mindless trivia, we still want to be surprised, we just don’t want to be shocked and disgusted and saddened. Bring on the cozies. No whack ‘em and hack ‘em stories with blood guts and gore everywhere but some fun. Remember that? When was the last time you laughed out loud over a book? Couldn’t wait to pick up a book to get back to the fun.

Who doesn’t love seeing Becket and Castle together solving crimes? Or the new BBC’s new Sherlock. That Sherlock is young and sexy and Dr. Watson is to die for. Then again I have a crush on Sherlock so I give him credit for everything mystery. Cozies deal with BFFs and getting the job done. White Collar has Peter and Neal. I love male friendships, the no man left behind attitude.

Cozy books deal with jobs we all want. There are books where the characters quilt, knit, make wine, cheese, wedding dresses, bake pies, dream up recipes and make fudge for everyone.

And then there’s the settings. Who would not want to live in Cabot Cove? Most mysteries are set in small towns and if they aren’t they’re set in the small area of a big city. Stephanie Plum is in the burg of New Jersey. I set my Consignment Shop Mysteries in Savannah. It’s like a character in the book. Settings matter.

I think my love of cozies started back in the day with Nancy Drew. I read The Secret of the Old Clock in the sixth grade, not exactly Mad Men era but close. I loved that Nancy Drew was smart and caring. I really loved that she was smarter than the guys. I wanted to be Nancy! Reading Nancy Drew was great for mystery and the ego. Nancy was self-sufficient and took charge of her destiny. It planted a seed that took root in enjoying mysteries and life.

So there you have it…why everyone is snapping up cozy mysteries or watching them on TV. Have you read one lately? Watched one? The new Sherlock? White Collar? Elementary? Let’s talk mysteries and why we love ‘em. Whats your new cozy mystery?


Series: A Consignment Shop Mystery, #3
Publisher: Berkley (Prime Crime)
Released: March 4, 2014

It’s election time in Savannah, Georgia, and Judge Guillotine Gloria—aka Reagan Summerside’s mom—is neck and neck in the polls with Kip “Scummy” Seymour. But the already dirty campaign is about to get downright filthy—with one candidate getting buried six feet under…

With her strong opinions and knack for getting into trouble, Reagan is not an ideal volunteer for her mother’s alderman campaign. Plus, she’d rather be running her consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, and eating doughnuts with her dog, Bruce Willis. But when her mother’s opponent, Kip, is found poisoned and her mother is pegged as a suspect, Reagan nominates herself as lead murder investigator.

Reagan is intent on finding Kip’s killer and clearing her mother’s good name, but she soon finds herself on the bad side of Kip’s enemies-turned-suspects. This time, no amount of costumes and makeup can keep her inconspicuous and out of danger. Because the closer Reagan gets to the truth, the hotter things get…

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12 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Duffy Brown

  1. Yep, I love mysteries, but the gore – not so much. Cozies are perfect. I also love living vicariously through the characters and having their nifty professions. Running a Savannah consignment shop would be so cool! Thanks for stopping by, Duffy!

    • Thanks for having me here, Diana. I work in a consignment shop but not in Savannah…unfortunately. Deep down I’m closet belle…even have the pearls and baton to prove it. I love writing cozies. If I wrote all that blood and guts stuff I’d never sleep. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the nice guestpost Duffy! I really enjoy reading cozy mysteries in between my Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, and Paranormal cozy mysteries are even better. I have a lot of favourite authors whose books I devour, and I can’t wait for your new book to fall on my doormat.

    • Hi, Xaurianx. Great chatting with you. I love a little paranormal element too as I think you can’t explain everything that happens in this world. In Pearls and Poison there some voodoo going on that really adds to the plot. Hope you give it a try. Hugs.

  3. Duffy, your post says it all. While I do enjoy thrillers, I have to have cozy mysteries. I guess you could say they are my go-to genre when I really want to read. Wishing you much success.

    • Hi, Mason. Yep, cozies to read and watch are my go-to pleaser as well. I can’t watch all that gore stuff and hope to sleep at night. I love Castle on TV…a perfect TV cozy to be sure. Thanks for chatting.

    • Hi, Blodeuedd. I looooove White Collar! One of my fav TV shows. Matt Bomer is to die for. Terrific show.

    • Yes, White Collar is terrific and I love everything Sherlock. The new BBC Sherlock is my fav to be sure. I have to watch each episode over and over to catch all the clues.

  4. I’m terribly behind in my cozy mystery reading but I do love them (especially yours Duffy!). It’s nice to find a comfort read you can just sink into and enjoy without all those hostile? actions coming out you. Herm not quite the right word but hopefully ya know what I mean 🙂 Congrats on the new release! So looking forward to it 🙂

    • Hi, Ann. So glad you are enjoying the series. You made my day. I know exactly what you mean. I can’t take all that violence and love a good cozy where I can just sink into the characters. Always fun.

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