Tell Me Something Tuesday: What are your favorite posts to read?

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What are your favorite posts to read?

Hmm, I think it’s a tie for two types of posts —

(1) I love “book list” posts, like what you’d see with Top Ten Tuesday. I find so many great books to add to my wish list that way. However, I never participate myself, because I can’t think of enough books to make a decent list!!

For example, this week’s topic is book titles that are questions. I can think of two:
• Who Is Maud Dixon? (Alexandra Andrews)
• Who Killed Ruby? (Camilla Way)
That’s it! That’s my list, lol.

(2) I love book review posts for books I’ve already read. It’s fun being able to nod or shake my head as I read it and think yep, I agree! or no way!

What are your favorite blog posts to read? — 𝓓𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓪

12 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday: What are your favorite posts to read?

  1. I love book review books – comparing books I’ve read and adding new books to my list as well. I love posts like Summer Reading Picks or Month End Summaries of books read as well.

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  2. I love book lists posts too! They are my source for tracking down books to read next. I love reading reviews of books I have already read. Just curious to see whether my impression matches what another blogger likes/not. I realized that I tend to be overly critical though.

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  3. I like reading reviews from bloggers who’ve given good recommendations in the past. I get most of my thriller recommendations from you, Diana, because most of my friends don’t read them.

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  4. LOL – I’m so with you… I have the hardest time coming up with lists. That’s why when I participate in things like #RomBkLove, I have one of my review partners help me come up with lists for the topic!

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  5. I think it’d be easier to talk about the posts I don’t enjoy! I love lists and reviews and more personal posts as well as this kind of post where you’re answering some kind of question. Great topic!

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  6. I agree with #2! It’s always nice to see what someone else thinks about a book. And Top Ten I usually do, but for the longest time I didn’t- it seemed like too much work. :)

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  7. I enjoy book lists posts too! And I enjoy posts where we learn a bit about the life of the blogger.
    And your two books with ? are two that I never thought of!

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  8. Good question and I love the ladies gathered image.
    I have often wished I could do the Top Ten but I have settled into my schedule with no spare time to add more.
    I like to read the weekly summaries to see what others are reading. And I like to skim reviews for new books and to compare on my reading.
    Thanks for sharing.


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