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Hello! This week I’m also joining up with Mailbox Monday. I have four Waterhouse babes pictured, so they each need a meme. :-) This week has been fairly quiet at home, which is good.

I have several book-related projects in mind, but I haven’t been inspired to get started on any of them yet. One is to put all of my vintage gothic paperbacks in plastic book envelopes, then organize them in boxes. Another is updating my LibraryThing account. I haven’t added anything there regularly since January 2018. There’s no excuse!

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From Instagram:

Rattles loves reading too.

This pic is a still from my very first (and maybe only) “reel” on Instagram. Some Bookstagrammers including myself are concerned that video clips will be taking over feeds in the near future. I wanted to post one to test and see if it got more reach than a regular photo. The answer is yes, quite a bit more. I’ve decided that it’s not worth worrying about. I prefer photos, and there’s no point in constantly fighting an algorithm that can’t be beaten! Here is the LINK to my silly skeleton reel.

Currently Reading:

  • THE OTHER PASSENGER by Louise Candlish (Thriller)
  • THE GUILT TRIP by Sandie Jones (Thriller) 🎧

Recent Bookshelf Additions:

  • IN THE COMPANY OF WITCHES by Auralee Wallace (NetGalley)
  • DEATH IN CASTLE DARK by Veronica Bond (NetGalley)
  • 56 DAYS by Catherine Ryan Howard (Book of the Month Club Pick)
  • BIRDIE by Tracey Lindberg (Purchased)

Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful week! β€” 𝓓𝓲π“ͺ𝓷π“ͺ

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33 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. Quiet weeks are good. :)

    I’m more of an Instagram stalker than a poster but I’m not overly impressed with the increasing amount of videos either. If I wanted videos, I’d go on tiktok. :(


  2. The few people and organizations I follow on Instagram are still sticking to photos, I guess. I never post anything because I don’t trust them.

    best…mae at


  3. I’m no longer on IG due to the change in the User Agreement in Dec. 2020
    I’m trying out Flickr, but I haven’t messed with it much yet.

    It looks like you have a couple of cute cozy mysteries on your shelf! I’m looking for a couple of good ones.


  4. I don’t like videos on Instagram either. Maybe they are a fad and won’t last long? I don’t have the patience to watch them all.

    You have a great haul there! Have a nice week, and Happy Reading.


  5. I have the same fear with Instagram, although to be honest I’ve been so neglectful of mine it probably doesn’t matter lol. I do often think of trying to reinvigorate it though, but this change to video probably will deflate my enthusiasm!

    The Guilt Trip has an amazing cover.

    Be well this week!!!


  6. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever added a reel on Instagram. Don’t think so! I constantly say I will better my social media profiles, but it never happens!

    Both your current reads caught my eye and I hope you enjoy them. Keep us posted!

    Elza Reads


  7. I wonder why IG is focusing on videos over photos. I am more interested in words than I am photos, so I’ve chosen to blog over Twitter (too few words) or IG (more pictures than words).

    I’m working on creating a library for our Texas Master Naturalist group, but I had to set aside the project for the past few weeks while we had children running around our house.

    Your books all have a lovely ominous quality. I see that you are eagerly looking forward to Halloween.


  8. That video clip is so cute Diana. I’m not into IG all that much (I rarely post) but, I do like browsing now and then. Your “current reads” are ones I hope to read as well so naturally I hope you love them LOL Have a good upcoming week.


  9. I like your video clip, but I’m in the “I prefer pictures” group. I didn’t join Instagram for videos; I joined for the pretty book and yarn photos. I’m not very happy with the way they are pushing video content. I don’t have the time to watch them, for one thing. And I certainly don’t have the time or inclination to make them.

    Your new books look intriguing! I’ve been eyeing Death in Castle Dark. If I weren’t so behind on reviews, I would request it. As it is, I may just have to see if the library gets a copy.


  10. I rarely do a “story” or clip on Instagram, as I’m not very good at it. I like posting photos. The Guilt Trip looked good! I look forward to your thoughts!


  11. Well I don’t even do Instagram at all. The photos seem like too much trouble. Maybe that’s why I use an ereader and don’t care about covers too much. I am all about the story, the plot, the characters.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post


  12. Your books all look so good. I have a couple too. I don’t do Instagram. I checked it out once, but I never got into it.

    I hope you have a great week!


  13. I just figured out my LibraryThing password so I was glad to see your post so that I could 1. Add you as a Connection and then 2. Peruse your profile to see what all I can do as far as interacting with you.

    What I still don’t know is, can I comment on your book reviews? I see a way to “like” them but I don’t see a comments button.

    Right now I only have one book on my shelves. Now that I’m finally in my account (that I’ve had since 2007!) I can import my books from Goodreads. WHY do I want to do this? I do not know. LOL


    • LOL, I don’t know why I bother with LibraryThing, but it feels like an incomplete project that I must continue! I think I started that account and Goodreads at the same time (2010). Goodreads turned out to be more social, so I focused on it. There used to be another book site like them, but it got closed down. Probably for the best, or I’d have another one to obsess about!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I hope The Guilt Trip is guilty fun? It’s too bad if Instagram leaves photos for videos … I just like regular photos …. but I’m so old school … Have a great week.


  15. I love the skeleton video but I’m definitely in the photos side of the Instagram occasion. I have Death in Castle Dark coming on my To Read list and am really looking forward to it. The Guilt Trip and The Other Passenger both look good. I’ve heard good things about Louise Candlish. I hope you enjoy both your books and have a great week!


  16. Yes well I think we do what we want and never mind what IG does! I am not big there (or anywhere) so that’s no worry. I did put a couple of videos there in past but never bothered to look at reach. All your books look great. Enjoy and hope rattles does too!


  17. I’ve perused Instagram but I just don’t get the attraction. I want to know what you think of the book, not how pretty a picture you can take of the cover.


  18. My obsession with Waterhouse’s painting of women means I always love visiting your blog! I also adore Rattles and ‘The Guilt Trip looks like an amazing read! Have a lovely week :)
    Juli @ A Universe in Words


  19. I’ve not heard of Tell Me Something Tuesday – I love a blog meme so will be checking that one out. I was reading a blog the other day that mentioned tiktok is the place to build a social media presence now. I blog more for pleasure so shall stick with my quiet little corner of the ‘net and not worry about likes, follows and viewcounts!


  20. I use LibraryThing so frequently that I have set it as one of the tabs that open when I start my browser. I had a bit of a panic this week when I got “File not found” messages but then realized that they had changed the site URL. Once I updated my links, all was good in my world again. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  21. So glad to see you at MM. I haven’t done much at all on Instagram – I focus on my blog and Goodreads and those take enough time. :-)
    I do like your reading skeleton.
    In Company of Witches and Death in Castle Dark are tempting me to go to NetGalley.
    Have a great week and Happy Reading!


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