20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge #20booksofsummer22

20 Books of Summer is a reading challenge hosted by Cathy @ 746 Books. The challenge runs from June 1st through September 1st, with the goal being to read and review 10, 15, or 20 books during this time period.

I’m pretty sure I can read at least 10-15 books, though reviewing them too might be the challenging part. I’ll give it a go. I’ve got a long “summer hopefuls” list, a mixture of books I own, library books on hold, and NetGalley/Edelweiss titles. I’ve become a mood reader lately, so this list is subject to change. The top contenders are pictured below:

Here are the books I’ve completed for this challenge:
  1. EVERY SUMMER AFTER by Carley Fortune (June 4)
  2. SMILE BEACH MURDER by Alicia Bessette (June 9)
  3. DAISY JONES & THE SIX by Taylor Jenkins Reid (June 14)
  4. THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR by Rose Carlyle (June 17)
  5. THE FAVOR by Nora Murphy (June 20)
  6. THE ANATOMY OF DESIRE by L.R. Dorn (June 23)
  7. THE DEAD ROMANTICS by Ashley Poston (June 26)

Happy summer reading! — 𝓓𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓪

24 thoughts on “20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge #20booksofsummer22

  1. We have (4) of the same books on our lists. i’m almost done with The Book Woman’s Daughter and enjoying it. Enjoy your summer reads!


  2. Best of luck with the challenge! I just loved Every Summer After and The Hotel Nantucket. I hope you enjoy all these books! Happy Summer!


  3. I see we have some books in common! I loved One Italian Summer and hope you will too. Good luck in the challenge!


  4. Good luck, Diana. I have 7 of these on my TBR, but not sure when I will get to them all. I will read One Italian Summer very soon. Enjoy this challenge.


  5. I recommend you read the first book in the two book series and start with lisa Jewell’s The Family Upstairs before you read The Family Remains. It will make a lot more sense to you that way. Happy reading summer!


  6. Reviewing is always the problem for me with challenges like this! Good luck! I usually listen to Elin Hilderbrand’s books on audio, so it’s going to be a long wait from the library for Hotel Nantucket for me, but she’s a Massachusetts author and kind of a must-read around here! One Italian Summer is on my TBR, and will also be a long wait, unless I buy it.


  7. I want to read like half of these. :) The Megan Miranda, the new Jewell, Sager, the Serle book. I saw that one at the bookstore by the way and the cover is nice.


  8. Great selection of books in your list! I loved both One Italian Summer and The Hotel Nantucket. I hope you enjoy them all!


  9. Wow you have summer in the titles of quite a few of these, nice! I have read Daisy Jones & the Six which I liked. Summer reads shouldn’t be too heavy …. but fun. Enjoy.


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