Immortal Perfumes: Fragrances Inspired by History


Seriously, is 2016 over yet? What a horrid year, one awful thing after another. I’ve been in a major reading slump for the past two months, so instead of talking about books, I’m going to talk about perfume!

I discovered IMMORTAL PERFUMES about two years ago. I was searching Etsy for Edgar Allan Poe inspired fragrances. I know, sounds weird, but that’s me. Weird. ;-) I ordered one called “Lenore” from them, along with a few others, including their popular “Dead Writers” fragrance. They all smelled amazing – unique perfumes inspired by literature and history, each one with a different story.

Their latest line of fragrances is the Literary Lovers collection: Catherine & Heathcliff, Capulet & Montague, and Persephone & Hades. I purchased the sample set to give them a try (pictured above). All of the masculine ones were a big hit with me, though Catherine was my favorite. I bet it does smell like rain on the moors. :-)

You can find their complete line of perfumes HERE.

** All of the fragrances I’ve tried from IMMORTAL PERFUMES were ones I purchased myself. **

2016 Reading Wrap-Up:

For a very quick look at the books I read this year, check out → MY YEAR IN BOOKS ← on Goodreads. I’m planning to finish one more book before midnight on the 31st, bringing my yearly total to 82. Hopefully starting a new year will haul me out of my reading slump!