READERS IMBIBING PERIL Reading Challenge #RIPXVII @PerilReaders

  • Grab your spooky books, because it’s the best time of year again!
  • To join the R.I.P. Challenge, just read as many mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, dark fantasy, supernatural, or Gothic books as you’d like September 1st – October 31st, and post/discuss them on your blog, Instagram, or Twitter. The group is also on Discord!
  • Use #RIPXVII to connect with other challenge participants.
  • Check out this link for all of the challenge details:

I’ll be keeping track of books completed for this challenge here:

  1. THESE FLEETING SHADOWS by Kate Alice Marshall

Happy R.I.P. Reading! — 𝓓𝓲𝓪𝓷𝓪

7 thoughts on “READERS IMBIBING PERIL Reading Challenge #RIPXVII @PerilReaders

  1. Thank you Diana as this is the first post I’ve seen for RIP. I’m going to borrow your logo and details :) I think this is my 14th or 15th year joining in. I hope you have fun and read some books you love.


  2. I know you’ll enjoy your RIP reading, Diana. Always a fun time of year and a perfect challenge (for me, for sure!). Hope you are well.


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